Patented New Invention

Potsafe’s patented design ensures that the pots can freely rotate, lift and lower. The unique design restricts the pot from twisting or sliding which prevents accidental tipping or spilling of the pot contents.


  • Potsafe comes partly assembled for your convenience.
  • To allow for the different widths of stovetops, we have designed potsafe with some adjustability.
  • To set your potsafe at the desired width we have enclosed clear part identification and instructions.


  • Potsafe is designed for minimal user installation in 4 easy steps1. Your Potsafe Product comes complete with detailed instructions for setting up Potsafe to suit your needs. Determine if you would like 1, 2, or 3 pots protected.
  • Go to the installation page that suits your needs for 1, 2, or 3 pots.
  • Follow the assembly instructions provided on the respective page.
  • Potsafe is designed to suit most stove top types including glass top electric and glass top induction designs. Currently we are finalising the design for Gas and we will update the website when this is ready. If you have a gas stove top and are interested in Potsafe we would like to hear from you. Please send us and email and we will contact you when we have the Gas stove top model ready.

Potsafe is now ready for use. Easily remove the suction feet for cleaning and then simply re-install following cleaning.

Avoid touching the Potsafe or the rings while cooking or after cooking for a period of 10 minutes as they may still be hot.

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