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The Potsafe Story

DNM Engineering has developed Potsafe, a product to prevent children and elders from accidental tipping of stovetop saucepans. Potsafe is a preventative measure to minimise potentially serious burns to people when they have accidental contact with hot or boiling stovetop saucepan contents.

Our aim is that Potsafe will become the number 1 product to prevent children and elders from accidental burns while cooking or being near the stovetop where the potential for serious burns could occur from accidentally coming into contact with hot or boiling stovetop saucepan contents.

This product is designed to suit;

  • Domestic use at home;
  • Boats and sea going vessel galleys
  • School cooking classrooms
  • Caravans and RVs

The Potsafe product consists of from 1 to 3 rings (depending on your needs) to match the burners that hold the saucepans and prevent them from being tipped whilst allowing them freedom to be lifted straight upward and off the stovetop so the cooking process is unhindered. This is what makes this product different as there is no product on the market that achieves the same level of prevention. Whilst there are safety devices available such as the dream baby (a barrier) the saucepans can still be tipped off and it does not provide the same level of protection.

Potsafe is suitable for induction and glass electric cooktops.

The rings can swing back out of the way if needed or be easily unclipped or changed to a different size via spring steel clips which clip over the central support bar. The device is fitted to the cooking surface using suction feet connecting to the glass part of the cooktop only.

Derek's Story

derekMy name is Derek  Mooney and I am the inventor of POTSAFE.  My back ground is I was born in Dublin Ireland. In 1969 and emigrated in 1994.

I am a qualified sheetmetal worker and eventually started my own Air Conditioning business.  I thought of the idea about four years ago, and now have been able to bring the invention to life!

I am now very pleased with the out come, and nice to see what a great reaction we are getting from the general public.

Special note to my beautiful wife Natalee as without her support we could never have done it.

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